I'm hailey

I love breakfast for dinner and camping and any excuse for an adventure. My dogs are two of my best friends and I don't mean that like in a sad way. I'm married to my favorite person and middle school crush, and we have (totally objectively) the cutest little boy, named Ira. We call Boise home, and have lots of love for this little city and the glorious landscape all around it. 
I've been taking photos for a long time, but really fell in love with it while on a mission trip in the Amazon. I realized how powerfully images tell stories and saw firsthand how life-changing that could be. These days, I shoot mostly people in love, but with that same hope to capture real moments and tell a real story, yours. I want to catch that grin from a surprise hug, the glow from an almost kiss. The in-betweens and the unexpecteds, the feel of who you are together. 
Love is important. it's worth sharing, it's worth working for, it's worth documenting.
let me come along and share yours.