to the streets

Ryan and I go on walks almost every night.

We leash up the pups and take to the streets of our little city.

We started this routine for our apartment dogs and their growing bellies, but now I think Ryan and I need it just as much. Mostly for connecting and a good pause, but I'm sure our girths don't suffer for it.

Marriage is work. It's the best, but it's work. I think it's supposed to be. Somehow these aimless walks make it feel a lot less like work and a lot more like an adventure.  We rarely plan where we'll go each night, so each walk is at least a little new. 

Sometimes it gets goofy. Other times it's serious. We spend a lot of time gawking at pretty old buildings and houses. And leaves, always leaves this time of year.

I take a million pictures and he patiently wields the leashes and waits for me, even when I stop every ten feet. It's wonderful. 

There's something to be said for routines. Especially for ones that break old routines. Does that make sense? 

We don't often climb on our strolls, that would take away the treat of it. We wait for nights with great skies and soft colors. This was one of them. 

And sometimes, if it's empty enough, we even let go of the leashes and let our pups tumble around the top of a parking garage. We know how to make a Friday night crazy( :



It's not going to be the budgets or the grocery shopping that I'll look back on or even remember, it'll be these walks and talks and little mini-adventures. 

After we've soaked up some pretty views and the bustling energy of downtown, we head home. And once we get there, it feels more like an adventure, too.

I've heard it said that if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. If not closer, then further apart. That makes sense to me.

These walks are us moving forward, and closer together. And also sometimes us taking wrong turns. Either way, it's always an adventure( :