wisdom and a wish

I don't remember a lot of last week. It was made up mostly of ice cream, Netflix, drugs, and four fewer wisdom teeth than usual. The whole ordeal left me balloon-faced and antsy.                                                                                          -----                                                                                                                                                                                  By Wednesday my camera was staring at me in angry neglect and I felt merged with the bed. That's when I pushed the the Norco aside, and made plans with a friend for the next day.

I awoke on Thursday to a true wonderland. Remember my last post, where I was just dreaming of winter as a distant possibility? Well my wish was granted, and the reality of that day exceeded even my snowiest day dreams.

Unreal right?! The snow, the view, the colors, adventuring with a friend and my camera. It was almost too much for this little heart o' mine.

We were both just in awe of the day. I know I have said how beautiful it was about a million times already but I really can't say it enough. 


Signey is gorgeous and free, and has a style that reflects that. She's also super sweet and lets me take endless photos of her.  

Usually, I have a lot to say about a lot of things. My fingers on the keyboard can't always keep up. But this time, I think the photos are enough. 

My wish was thoroughly granted, I'd say! That doesn't always/usually happen... but the times it does makes up for the rest. Happy Tuesday!


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