eggnog, desperation, and how to go gold

Last year at Christmas, we were two days into our move back to Idaho. It was joyful; a time of reuniting with family and old friends, and also a lot of transition.  This year, we have our own place to call home, and  and I'm determined to make it the most festive year yet! Our box labeled 'Christmas' in the basement has been calling my name since October.

After months of restraint, I ventured into the dark depths to retrieve it last week, excitement having totally overcome me. I lugged the giant container up the stairs and hastily opened it... to find that it mostly contained a pair of snow boots. There were a few strings of lights, our two stockings, and ten ornaments shoved in the cracks, a few of them broken to bits. 

I was disappointed, of course. In my mind the box was a bursting cornucopia of festivity, capable of total home transformation. I did what I could with the lights, hung the stockings, and then determination set in. I found a bottle of gold spray paint and went about our home gathering whatever I could get my Christmas-fueled paws on.

I must've looked a bit nuts to the neighbors. I was in the backyard with various objects strewn about on sheets of paper, Lite FM Christmas tunes blaring, going nuts with spray paint. 

The pebbles were my first success, and I guess it got to me. I went a bit King Midas from there. There was a world of golden opportunity at my fingertips!

Nothing was safe! I found an old antler and decided it could use an upgrade.

Using masking tape, I covered most of the antler and left only the bits exposed that I wanted gold.

Next, visions of garlands took root in mind. These pine cones had no idea what they were in for.

The key when painting these little guys is to get at them from all angles. Spray, flip, repeat.

I attached the string to the pine cones by pressing a thumb tack through it into the center of the cone. There are so many ways this could be done, but I liked how the gold and silver complimented each other. Plus, bling.                     The last project required a bit more effort, but I was fueled by the spirit of Christmas, eggnog, and Ella Fitzgerald killing it 'Sleighride' style. So, pretty motived. 

First, I wrote a Christmassy word and wrote it on heavy cardstock. I chose 'merry', because it's short, pretty, and looks good in cursive. Then I traced it with rubber cement, laying it on thick. 

I feel a little weird divulging this secret, but I'll do it in the spirit of Christmas. Hold onto your chairs, folks. Here it is:

If you lay down rubber cement, then paint over it, you can remove the areas covered in glue, creating a negative space.

Maybe you all knew that already. But when I learned this in high school, it changed my world. Small thrills, I guess.

I suggest using a rubber cement pick up for the process of removing the glue (found at any craft store). It can be done by rubbing your finger over the glue, but it takes a lot more time and can hurt! If this is the route you go, get the majority of the glue off, then you can clean it up with an eraser.

Then frame it... and viola!

Despite our sparse Christmas box, I was able to bring a little more sparkle and cheer to our cozy home. And all of it suits us, probably more store bought supplies would have. 

Who knew the Christmas spirit could come in the form of spray paint?? 


We're heading to the mountains to chop our tree tomorrow, and I can hardly wait. Ryan said I couldn't paint that, though( : 

Wishing you all lots of gold and cheer and eggnog!