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I suppose that home can be where the heart is. Mostly I think it’s where the heart is spilled out. A home shows what is important to a person- how they spend their time, the places they've been, what and who they love. It can show these things without any permission, really. Visiting someone’s home for the first time is always so exciting to me. You get to see the bits of a person’s life that usually don’t come up in new-friend conversations. 

On that note, welcome in! Let's be friends.

Today I'll show you our bedroom, because it's the most finished-feeling in our place. It's where we cuddle pups, edit photos, munch popcorn, read, and snooze. 

A favorite thing about our room is our two corner windows. They let in so much light, and make the space feel much larger than it's actual tiny self! The only downside is that when it's dark we have a lot of light shining in, so we had to buy blackout curtains the second night here. They aren't the wispy, intricate fabrics I had in mind, but they do the job and don't look too rotten after all. I truly don't mind having a small room. It's cozy, and doesn't take much to feel that way.

Our last room was beautiful. It was on the second floor of a 90 year old home, with mango and palm trees giving shade through the windows. We had a vibrant, floral quilt and a pink rug. I adored that space. It was feminine and tropical and smelled like flowers round the clock. 

All that being said, those pieces didn’t really reflect our northwestern home after the move. Also, I wanted to simplify our space, with angles and some more masculine notes. 

I love mixing prints. This time I worked hard to not make it overwhelming. I chose really simple pillows to contrast with the busy quilt. The wool blanket is from a local company called Wooded River Clothing. They have some amazing Pendleton-esque' pieces. Originally it was on our bed part time just to stay cozy on chilly nights, but the way the patterns work together has grown on me. 

Ryan's bedside table is an old crate turned upside down. We didn't have any furniture when we moved into this apartment, so we pieced a lot together with intentions of replacement. This set up ended up sticking. I love how the wood of the crate contrasts with our floors, and showcases the long stemmed lamp.

A major bonus is that there's no drawer to make a mess of( :

Also, note how thrilled Bentley is to be perched on the quilt. Pretty sure he's feeling straight kingly.

I threw Ryan a birthday party the week after we moved in. I was so set on having the house pretty, and scrambled like nobody's business. The collage above our bed was a result of that insanity. The book was part of a box we bought at a garage sale. I curled and glued the pages in place, and took off the cover. The chalkboard was a raw wood tray I bought at a craft store and painted. Right now it has lyrics from our first dance song( : The antlers have their own saga, and took quite a while to make. That's a story for another time.

I keep a photo of my memere and pepere on the wall on my side of the bed. It was taken in a photo booth in the mid 1950s when they were still dating. Their marriage was a beautiful testimony of hard work, hard play, and commitment. Their fresh-in-love faces are always  encouraging to me. 

I keep most of my jewelry on a metal tree sculpture I was given. It's a bit messy, but functional. The rest goes in this vintage jewelry box I thrifted, and favorite smalls live in an old dish from my grandma. The jewelry box isn't fancy or in perfect shape, but the gold details and the hardware charmed me.

This is the fullest photo I could get of our space.

It's a bit hodge-podge, colorful, and sometimes just messy.

Those traits aren't bad though, and if I don't think of it, I could mistake those words to be about me and the mister. This place is us- spilled out.

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