pretty people / pretty plants

July has been a crazy and beautiful month. We've had visitors from far and wide in town, keeping us at a quick pace. But what's better than spending these dog days with wonderful people? Nothing I can think of, really. Anyway, speaking of wonderful...

A week ago I got to spend some early morning time with our old neighbors, Katie and Tanner. Ryan and I lived next door right after our wedding, while they were doing extensive construction and work on their property. We had a symbiotic sort of friendship- we used their tools and they used our stove( : 

Flash forward three years- We have our own tools, and they've started a business and created a dreamy oasis of sorts. These two accomplishments of theirs work together perfectly, and both were born from the same dream. 

The Hartmans are passionate about simple living, sustainability, and design. Don't let this laundry list of trendy words fool you- these people are for real. Katie walked me through her garden before the shoot, and was talking science like I've never heard. Permaculture was an overriding theme throughout the tour. For those who don't read text books for fun, here's the super concise definition:




the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Google it, friends. There's a whole world of permaculture goodness waiting to be discovered!

Something to know about Katie- she can do basically everything. She's a general contractor and got her degree in landscape architecture. She also must secretly have an amazing singing voice- just look at these plants!  

Meanwhile, Tanner is a master builder and salad-maker to be reckoned with!

Their front yard is a gorgeous, strategic garden. They have everything from an apple tree (which grows six species), to garlic, kale, and different types of flowers to attract/deflect specific bugs. 

The garden is harvested and loved on daily.

Katie and Tanner have a deep love for their garden. It's such a part of their life- they nurture it and it nurtures them, by providing delicious fresh food. The Hartmans have embraced sustainable living beyond their front yard garden. Take a walk to the backyard, and you'll find a composting chicken coop/brewery/mini kitchen/office structure. Yes it's possible and they are that cool. They have hops and grape vines crawling skyward and are building a beautiful patio beneath them. 

The morning I spent with them, they used garden goodies and some fresh eggs to create a culinary masterpiece!

Everything but the avacado and english muffin were home grown. I feel a bit guilty about this part but... I ate this, you guys! Not even kidding- probably the best breakfast I've ever had. I don't kid about such matters as breakfast.

Beautiful people, beautiful plants, and beautiful food.

The chickens don't quite make the 'beautiful' cut, but they're cute. 

So excited for Katie and Tanner and all that's in store for them! Check out their sweet biz here: