blank slates, blank walls

I spent a big chunk of yesterday and the better part of my morning today with squinty eyes, a notepad, a tower of crumpled pages, and a blank Illustrator document. That was all I had to show for hours of work trying to design my logo. There are so many beautiful things about blank slates of all kinds, but sometimes you have to walk away for a minute and come back with fresh eyes.

Working with my hands is a favorite way to clear my head. Too often this means doing dishes, but today I chose to treat myself with a project. 

This is what I started with. My end goal was a mini hanging planter to fill some wall space.

To start, I cut two pieces of twine measuring 48" each, and tied them together in the center. The four ends branching from the knot would become the arms of the plant hanger.

Next I tied a new piece of twine around the pot where I thought it would be the most supportive.  After making sure it was secure, I trimmed the ends of the knot and dabbed hot glue on it for extra strength.

From there, I centered the knot that connected the two pieces of twine underneath my terra cotta pot. I then separated the four ends, and tied each one around the twine that was secured around the circumference of the pot. I tried to make the distance between each knot even, which took me a while.

After all the knots were tied and the pot hung straight, I was left with four loose ends at the top. I tied a separate piece of twine around them and reinforced with hot glue. I trimmed two of the loose twine ends above the new knot, and looped the remaining two so as to create a hook. I then used the twine that was tied around the four ends to wrap the top and hide the ends of the loop. I tucked in the end of it and used hot glue to secure. 

This is what the contraption looked like pre-plant. Not as obtrusive as I thought it would be( :

I added a few coasters I don't use anymore, by gluing wire to the backs.

I added a few coasters I don't use anymore, by gluing wire to the backs.

Here's my final arrangement.  An 'un-blanked' slate, a happy plant, and a fresh hallway. Now off to conquer the other blanks, but feeling a bit better about it. Happy Thursday, all!