real life and hot cars

Last week was a crazy set of seven days.

Amidst the usual busy-ness of friends and family and work, we travelled to Salt Lake for a not-so-typical occasion.

Ryan's dad donated a kidney on Wednesday to a friend. There were a lot of emotions and prayers and anxious waiting room clock-watching. 

The surgery went well for both donor and recipient. Afterwards we were really able to appreciate the magnitude of it all. The whole thing is pretty miraculous, really. 

Ryan, his sister Sam, and I piled into our wagon for the journey home on Thursday. It was a very, very hot and very pretty drive.

There was a brief twenty minute window where the clouds hovered over the highway, so I convinced them to pull off on a dirt road.


Sam is beautiful and this wide open space seemed so fitting for her spirit. Plus she's a great sport. So photos were a given.

It was tempting for me to post these without and context or backstory. Maybe you would've thought I was paid to take these, or that we just casually explore off-road in long dresses on the daily.  


In truth, we were exhausted, sweaty, and kind of high on gratefulness. Also, Sam changed into the dress in the back of the car. We don't wear pretty things on roadtrips like in the movies. 

Maybe the story is unnecessary, I'm not sure.

All I know is it feels like there is a major lack of being true these days. In a world where we can edit beyond recognition, I want to be genuine in the stories that are inferred by my photos.

The stop was brief but lightened all of us a bit. It just made sense after that week.

Running around joyfully and then getting back on the road to keep moving forward. 

We are home again and back in the thick of the every day. I'm thankful for that. 

But I think I need to be better about taking a break and frolicking for a few minutes here and there... and celebrate such little things as clouds relieving passengers in a car without AC ( :

Happy Monday! And here's to Fall and cooler weather fast approaching. 

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