summer's end and new seasons

I can't believe Summer is coming to a close. It's been a busy one for us- we worked a lot, and any time off was crammed with friends, family, and seeking adventure. No room for complaining one bit, really.

These images are snippets I've collected of our last few months. 

Summer in Idaho draws people like bees to a flower, or (more applicably) hipsters to a micro-brew( : Those who've experienced it before will always come back. The place becomes so lively, and it seems that there's a festivity of some sort daily.

We've been able to spend time with so many favorite people from out of town. 

Outdoor dinners this time of year can't be beat. We joined some family friends for a feast, and a casual goat-milking took place. Typical, right?

We can't stay away from the mountains right now. A two hour drive takes us to a different world- it's irresistible most chances we get. The van isn't ours, but I wouldn't hate it!

A few times we ate straight from the land with good friends. Those huckleberries were the biggest I'd seen.

(Dads and their cars... )

(Dads and their cars... )

I guess that we still have a few weeks of technical Summer... but whatever it is precisely that brings about the feel of Fall is already here.

 There is another change of season happening with us. I left my job to pursue photography and other creative ventures. I loved a lot about where I worked, but those are the things that make me feel fed. 

Some smart guy named Einstein said, "A ship is always safe at the shore- but that is not what it is built for." 

I'll be posting a lot more.

Here's to new seasons and new waters!