country dinner

After the Fall crispness we've been getting lately, this weekend felt really out of place. The sun came out well rested and brought Summer back for a bit.  The only things to do with this sort of weather were bask at the market and drive to the hills.

My parents live half an hour away from our little downtown apartment. Those thirty minutes bring a world of change. You can see for miles from their porch. Air smells different out there, less like pavement and more like stillness. 

We try to do dinner with them most Sundays. This time some family friends came as well to celebrate a birthday, and this combined with the view called for porch dining. 

Food tastes better when you're sharing it with good people.

I wish some creative, kind scientist would take it upon him/herself to prove this so that people would gather together and eat more often.

But I guess some of the best things can't be proven. 

A double layer German chocolate cake made from scratch was the star of the evening. There's no way to have bad conversation over cake like this.

After living far from family for a while, these simple evenings and simple details mean the world.

Sunflowers, friends, our white pups tumbling in the yard. 

A beautiful start to the week, and beautiful memories to combat the Mondays in my head( :

I hope all of you had a good start, too.