stanley lake

For a while now I’ve thought of writing a blog, but was unsure about the content, layout, and depth. The only thing I was sure of was that there would be lots of pictures. Actually, that’s still the only thing I’m sure of! So bear with me, as I stumble along and spill out some words with photos scattered here and there. This is a new venture for me, and it might be messy for bit 

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I packed our wagon to the brim with pooches and pillows and headed for the hills. I mean, if you call the Sawtooths hills, which they aren’t. They are glorious, soaring peaks capped in white even during these summer months. It had been over three years since we’d been in the Idaho mountains- before marriage and before Florida. It felt like a homecoming of sorts, and we were met with open roads and that clean smell that’s found only where it's more wild than tame.

We only had two days. Mostly we napped and made s’mores and lazed by the lake. 

Real life- the day-to-day dishes and car repairs and that door that always squeaks- seemed to slip away for a bit. In the shadow of that peak, with my pups and my man, those things lost significance. We were humbled, and we laughed a lot. 

We returned home to dishes in the sink and that squeaky door, but they weren't as heavy-feeling as before our little trip. I think the biggest challenge is creating adventure with the everyday.  So here's to Tuesday, and finding excitement in the small joys, since running to the mountains isn't always an option( :