beach blusters

This was my yesterday. It wasn't the typical sort of sunny, hot beach day, but it was wonderful all the same. Monday has a lot to live up to over here( :

It was the first day I'd been back on Palm Beach in over a year. Being back in Florida for the week has been wonderful so far, and a little strange. One second it's home, like the last year in Boise never happened, and the next I feel like a tourist. 

Then there's the reunions. Those are what ground this trip, and make sense of the home/tourist confusion. Home is where your people are, you know? We have a lot of homes in that way it seems, and we're feeling especially grateful for that right now.
This is beautiful Madelyn. We spent forever just talking and gawking at waves on the beach.  Friendships like this one make wet bums and sand-stung legs worth it( :

The wind made smiling at the camera hard, and filled our teeth with wild locks. But, she's a trooper and grinned all the same!

Ryan and I haven't done a whole lot. Mostly we've spent time with family and friends, slept in, and chowed on banana pancakes. We've also been scheming and praying and thinking about what's next for us, what our next home will be like.

But for now, we're soaking all of this up. Friendships, family, the sea, and a quick break before the crazy few months ahead. Happy Monday, all! Hope it's a beach( :