freedom and the sea

For eight days Ryan and I were in a different world.
One filled with palm trees and fast cars and bare feet.

Also loved ones, memories, and oh so many photo ops. Most days at the beach the water wasn't fit for swimming, but we went anyways.

I couldn't get enough of the sea. Those natural glories of creation fill me up like nothing else can. They give such a sense of vast freedom. There was a lot of freeing done this trip-- freeing ourselves from past tough times and expectations. And accepting freedom to do so from sky high places. 

From there we were able to really enjoy our time there and soak it up. We re-explored south Florida gems and old stomping grounds,

made friends,

gawked over midcentury architecture,

soaked up the colors,

but most of all we spent time with this gem of a grandmother, my sweet Memere, and her rose-colored glasses.

One morning, Ryan and I ventured out on our own. We aimed for the beach, but found ourselves swept south to Miami. I like that city best on cloudy days.

The buildings are so different there. It seems like they all have their hearts on the sleeves. 

I took a lot of photos of structures and waves this trip. Next time we go, I want to focus my lens more on the people that make up Florida to me. They're what matter the most there.

I did convince Memere to pose for this portrait, and it's my favorite photo from the whole trip.

Bye, Florida. Thanks for the love and the salt.