Dream weaver

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that photographs create all sorts of connections.  Connections between the viewer and a person, a place, a product... connections between me and whatever/whoever is in front of my lens, and ultimately between you and me. All of these sort of tangle together to build a story. At least, that's my hope. 
A few weeks ago I got to spend time with a super talented and beautiful girl-boss friend of mine- the genius and nimble hands behind the business Aletheia Designs. Meet Monica. 

She was kind and crazy enough to invite me to her home to capture the creative process of her macramé wall hangings and jewelry. Side note- the home she shares with her husband is just beyond... bright, with lots of character and clean design. I'm a big fan.

I couldn't believe how fast her hands move while she's weaving. Meanwhile I'm over here just trying to tie to my shoes... 
- - -
She learned the art from family in Mexico, and has been selling pieces on Etsy for five years, and for the lucky people of Boise for a year now. If you're local, you probably saw her booth at the Wintry Market this year!

So that the face behind the pretty pieces you've probably been seeing around town, with a little bit of story woven in (pun intended, sorry).

A beautiful place, beautiful pieces, and a beautiful friend. It was an okay day ( :
To follow Monica and keep up with her latest work / deck your own halls with it, follow her with the links below and thank me later ( ; 



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