mountain mercies

A few weekends ago, we took to the road. Just for a few hours this time.

We’d been scrambling like mad the weeks before- fundraising, working, preparing... And so had the people around us. Sometimes a pause is just necessary, you know?

Ryan has a relative with a ranch house nestled between high cliffs and the Salmon River, so that’s where we pointed our wheels. On the way, we braked for endless elk, and passed plains that were once scattered with teepees and buffalo. Time slowed. 

(these two are in love and I love it)

(these two are in love and I love it)

A few friends came along. Ones who’ve been so incredibly present through this whole process, and who have adventures of their own coming up soon.

This time together was priceless. No one dwelled on work or school or money or endless to-dos. Those things were so far away.

Our time there was spent cooking together, playing cards by the fire, hiking, hotspring-soaking, praying, fishing, and tromping around the vast property. I can’t tell you how this fed my soul. 

God calls us to work hard and do scary things a lot of times. But He also cares about the state of our heart, and friendships. That time in the mountains was another gift I haven't earned and can't repay. Even the preparation stage of our next adventure has been pointing us back to the cross time and time again. Undeserved generosity and love. That’s the gist of all that matters, really.

Ryan and I leave in ten days. I can't tell you how many things have fallen into place that were outside of our efforts or control. I've lost count, honestly. We are so excited and so thankful for this opportunity! We have raised $14,000, and have $6,000 to go. That in itself is miraculous.

I wrote and re-wrote this post so. many. times. I couldn't find the right words to talk about love and friendship and adventure and being scared and having faith and how that crazy jumble all ties together. 

Basically- God is good. He put people in your life for a reason, and works through them. He feeds your soul exactly what it needs. 

We're short on money and time, goodbyes are super hard, and Ryan gets his wisdom teeth out this week. But I'm feeling so filled up, and so ready for whatever this next adventure brings! 

A giant thank you to all of you who have given time, money, and prayers. Also those who've hired me to take photos lately. And those who've listened, made us laugh, and wished us luck. It's all been too much for us to take in-- in the best way.

Messily yours,

The Wilsons
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