bound for brazil!

Faithful faithful faithful. I should really stop being surprised when God comes through.
Because He does every. single. time. 

We are fully funded for our outreach, and set to leave for Brazil this Thursday night!


I can’t believe how the time here in Hawaii has flown by. It seems like a second ago we were landing on this little dot in the sea, with no clue about all the change that would take place. 

This island has become like another home to us. It has eleven of the thirteen climate zones on earth- from the 14,000 ft peak of Mauna Kea to black sand beaches, this place has it all. The crazy landscape of it mirrors our time here: peaks and valleys, deserts and rainforest. But always, always, beautiful.

We are preparing to leave now. Last week we talked a lot about culture, and how different each one is when it comes to ideas about time, authority, communication, and community. But when you can see past those differences, we are all the same. We have the same longings and hopes, we all respond to and need love. 

A lot of us haven't been as fully immersed into another culture as we are about to be in Brazil, so going into it knowing about  the differences that may meet us was helpful and exciting. I'll miss Hawaii and the comforts of it, but my heart is so ready for the adventure ahead.

 Here we come, Brazil!