Brazilian Congress: an open door

It is beyond strange to be here. The past three months are already feeling far away and I’m just so desperate to keep them crisp. I’m posting this from Hawaii, where Ryan and I are spending a week with our team to reflect and debrief on all that we experienced . I’ll be sharing more about our adventure chronologically over the next month as I sort photos and journal entries. Here’s a bit about our opportunity to tour Congress shortly after arriving in Brasilia, the capital city. 

It took a lot of fast talking that we couldn’t understand to enter the Congress building. Once inside, we could feel why entry is limited. There was a heaviness there- the weight of decisions being made for an entire country.

A man records a live speech in sign language.

A man records a live speech in sign language.

We passed through the halls filled with professionals in suits, by endless offices, and into the plenario das comissoes. We heard the chanting of a rally outsides and watched smoke bombs go off from behind glass walls. 

It was humbling and a little intimidating to be in such an important place. There are so many emotions and forces wrapped up in such an environment.

Our friend and leader Igor was pushed in front of the crew above to speak at one point, with no plan to do so. This is his home country, his home town-- the opportunity blew him away. 

Sometimes it can feel like there’s more darkness than good in any government, but God is present and working there, in ways bigger than even the strongest opposition. He's in the people who stand up for the right reasons, who think of humanity in a personal sense. 


Still trying to process the last few wifi-free, life-changing, Brazilian months. I'm really excited to share more of our adventure! More photos, more words soon. Boa noite <3

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