Love in the City of Roses

Portland is one of those cities I feel almost at home in right away. It's like Boise's cool, slightly aloof cousin who smells like patchouli. The similarities to my hometown make it comfortable, and the differences make me want to explore. 
Ryan and I went over for a fast visit the weekend before Christmas to see some good friends of ours. We rented a tiny airbnb with a bird clock on the wall and miniature bathroom fixtures, and took time to wander the city, get lost in Powell's, and just catch up with these world traveling friends of ours.
Meet Kat and Igor. They're adorable, wild, and in love. 
We found one of the city's many bridges, and I basically just told them to be close and have fun and this is what happened.

I hope that all of you had the merriest of Christmases! Here's to ending the year well.

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