Ponderosa Love

Last week, I woke up early and headed into the mountains. my first hour of driving was pitch black, but the glow of day slowly brought the pines and river into view. I arrived in quaint McCall just as the mist was rising. And yes, I was that person on the side of the road getting snow in her shoes to take this photo. Worth it. 

For the rest of that day, I got to frolic in the snow with two people in love- an old friend and a new one. We got to know a brave fawn, scaled a mountain, laughed a lot, and explored that sleepy town. I love that I get to really know people during a shoot- it's a pretty personal thing, really. And these two, they're both good ones. 

It's so joyful to be around couples where each half have found their person in the other. These two definitely have<3
Congratulations Sierra and Levi! I am so so happy for you two, and wish you a lifetime of adventures together!