plush and pines

When life gets crazy, there are two places I crave most for rest-- the sea and the mountains. Being in Idaho, one is a bit more accessible than the other...
A break was in order, so we ventured upward.

Usually heading to the mountains mean a tent and mostly pines as our company, but this time we headed towards Ketchum and Sun Valley, and a plush bed instead of a camping mat. 

Our first stop every time we come up here is the original Java coffee house. Best cuppa in town I'm sure of it. There are few things that can't be talked about over good food or good coffee. They seem to somehow stir up the ideas and inspirations that have been just on the cusp of being spoken.

Coffee dates with this guy usually mean dreaming up outrageous future ventures, and reminiscing about ones past. In fact a large majority of our biggest schemes have been solidified in places like this. But this time, we were just there. It was nice. Maybe it's because we've been married almost five years (!!!), or because there've been lots of separate trips lately, but these days we've been happy to just quietly do things together, soak up the company. 
But- full disclosure, he's better at the quiet part than I am ( :

(a lot of my favorite things)

(a lot of my favorite things)

Sun Valley is a resort town, usually bustling with skiers and undercover celebrities (because who'd look for them Idaho? Where even is that? ha.). We arrived just after the rush of ski season, and the whole place was eerily quiet and just what we needed. 

It turns out that resort beds are much more comfortable than camping mats. So, after what was definitely the best mountain sleep I've had in a long time, we decided to chase some hot springs we'd heard of on the river.

Well. We found those springs, but they were flooded out. Thankfully there were meadows, aspen lined roads, and good company to more than make up for it. 

And that was that. Forty eight hours in the mountains can do a heart good.  
This year is just flying by... In the midst of it all I was reminded to rest. Rest from work, from being busy, rest in the fact that we are called to rest. Sometimes that means camp mats, sometimes it means a book and the couch, and sometimes it means different scenery, a real bed and long drives. 
So here's to seeking peace in the chaos. Rest on, all you restless.