red rocks and new heights

country roads, red cliffs, wildflowers, and two adventurous people in love
(and maybe a few lizards)
But still not a bad list, I'd say! 
We headed to the desert for Memorial Day weekend- to camp, explore, and capture these love birds for an anniversary shoot. Marriage itself is a milestone, and then so is every year thereafter.

I'm so thankful for times like these. Sunsets and lovers and stories unfolding. Happy (early) Anniversary Andrew and Monica! Here's to many more years of adventure for you two <3


It has been far too long since I've posted. I've been out and about traveling to beautiful places with wonderful people. I'm finally starting to wrap up sorting and editing from this whirlwind month. I think I'll share some it with you. A photographer I respect told me that images are wasted sitting on a hard drive. And after all that I've been able to see and snap, the last thing I want to do is waste those moments... So here's to a new season (almost, but it already feels like summer here) of non-waste, sharing, and pouring out. 

Happy June!!