New York City Lovers and Heights

Last month we left our well-loved little Boise and took to the sky. Fourteen hours later we arrived in a city much larger, shinier, and a whole lot more frantic. 

New York greeted us with an epic sunset and the legendary hustle and bustle. A short cab ride took us to the best greeting of all, the quaint doorstep of old friends( : 

We met MaryEsther and Jared when we lived in Florida. MaryEsther and I used to scour the West Palm Beach thrift stores and eat Cuban food like it was our job. Since then, both of us have moved far from that tropical place, and it was so fun to get a taste of their lives now! 

We ate bagels, traveled by subway, explored Central Park, paid $13 for a smoothie, walked the Highline, talked to Broadway actors over drinks, and fell in love with sweet Astoria, our friends' neighborhood. 

It was the perfect balance of visiting people we love and exploring a new place. One difference from other trips is that I didn't take a lot of photos while in the city. My first trimester body didn't love the place as much as I did, and the street smells did a number on my already tumultuous stomach. I chose to enjoy it as much as I could (mostly) sans camera, and I think it was a healthy challenge. There was so much to take in at every turn - endless colors, heights, faces, lights. I clung to it all in a different way without the guaranteed memories from photographs. 

It also made me that much more excited for a session of our dear friends. We had the best time frolicking all over their neighborhood in the relative early morning quiet. 

In a few short days we got enough of a taste of the Big Apple to know that we'll be back! So thankful for our time there. It also made us thankful for our own home in a way. I used to think I wanted to live in a place as grand and glistening as New York, but now I have a bigger appreciation for the luxury of remote escapes and the familiar faces around every corner of home. But don't get me wrong, New York, we do love you, no doubt about it<3
We left that shiny place all filled up to the brim from adventure and good friends, off to our next destination!

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