Ira Edward

We welcomed this sweet, squishy little bundle earthside on April 2nd at 12:28 am.
He was 8 lbs, 7 oz of pure delight, and was born screaming like a banshee( :

The last 13 days have been a blurry whirlwind of sleepless nights, diaper changes, and lots of time just spent staring at this lovely tiny person we get to call our son. He has peed on us and left us little more than zombies, but we just couldn't be more in love! In the midst of all the messy beauty that comes with bringing home a newborn, I made us get dressed in real clothes for a few minutes one afternoon to document this sweet season. 

I really haven't stopped taking photos of him since, but in an effort to keep your facebook feed tidy, I made myself pick a few favorites to post here( : 

We are slowly easing ourselves into a new sort of normal. Everything takes a bit longer now, and getting out the door seems an olympic feat some days, but it's all so sweet and passing so fast already.

You are so loved, Ira Edward Wilson!

/// I couldn't end this post without a shoutout to our amazing family and doula and friends and church- it really does take a village, and we couldn't have made it these last few weeks without all of you <3