Alex + Annie

There's really not another day that is quite like your wedding day. The strangest parts of it will stick with you and small moments stand out in retrospect. For me it was how delicious the coffee I drank while getting ready was, telling jokes with my dad on our way to the altar, and how Ryan pumped our clasped hands in the air as we walked down the aisle.
On Annie and Alex's wedding day, I'll always remember the sweet, quiet excitement of her mom, the way Alex lit up when he saw her head down the aisle, and all their genuine closeness as we traipsed around the greenhouse. I barely told them what do you guys. They're really just this in love! 
I'm not sure about the moments they'll remember, but I hope you get the feel of this super memorable day through these photos <3  Alex and Annie, you two are gems! So grateful to be a part of your day! 

Happy forever and beyond, you two! 

hailey wilsonComment