breakfast in bed + a sleepy collaboration

Sleep. For me, it has always been a favorite and elusive necessity. I blame a never ending to-do list, scoliosis, and fiiiiiiine maybe too much caffeine. 
So you could imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to partner with the wonderful CRaVE Mattress Co! After perusing their pretty website, I decided to go with their memory foam + latex + innerspring option, the "Sweet".
And this is how it was delivered (!!):

From where it was made in North Carolina, straight to my front door, all 12 plush inches rolled up and vacuum packed into a tidy, design-minded box! Pippa was pretty excited about it, too ( : 

It was love at first sleep. I've never slept on any bed like it! Typically I go for harder surfaces, because i believed that that helped support my back. Welp, I've been wrong! I just hadn't ever slept on the right soft mattress. Our CRaVE mattress is a plush, springy surface, but it somehow still offers support! Best of both worlds.

Now we have an even harder time getting out of bed! Weekends are the best, because we can stay in a little longer, and *sometimes bring breakfast in, when we're just too comfy to leave. 

(*very often)


CRaVE has a very unique product- they are currently the only ship to home company that can compress, roll, and ship an innerspring hybrid mattress. But that's not all- they are fully crafted in the U.S, super eco-friendly, and are made of hypo-allergenic + mite and mildew resistant materials. These factors give me a lot of comfort, especially after making the mistake of googling mattresses and mites (DON'T DO THIS if you have a regular mattress!!! You will want to toss it asap!).

Needless to say, Ryan and I aren't the only CRaVE fans in this home... it has been a struggle to keep those two little fluffs on their own beds!! 

Meanwhile, I'm over here trudging through Monday, reminiscing about sleepy weekend mornings and pancakes, and pounding coffee to resist diving back into that ↓  (full disclosure, it might not stop me).

I'm thankful for the opportunity to partner with such an awesome company! I wrote this after a few weeks of sleeping well and truly experiencing the CRaVE difference. It really is that good, I promise. ALSO- for the month of March, save 15% on any product with the code MARCHMADNESS ! 
To check out CRaVE, visit their site:

Happy sleeping, friends!!

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