Ken + Gisella

Not sure where to start with this one.
Ken and Gisella hired me almost two years before their wedding day, thanks to the recommendation of a sweet mutual friend (hollerin at you, Maddy!). I was in my first year as a wedding photographer, and felt SO blessed to have been chosen! In those two years, I shot a lot of weddings and had a baby, but their East Coast celebration remained as something to look forward to. When the time rolled around, Ryan and I packed up our gear, our baby, and my mom, and headed to the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania. 

Even with all the time and anticipation before this event, it managed to blow us away. Their love, sweet families, impeccable taste, and a dreamy venue made it one of the most beautiful wedding days we've been a part of. I can't say enough good about Ken and Gisella and their whole crew! So grateful we get to meet people like them and capture loves like theirs <3

Ken and Gisella-45.jpg
Ken and Gisella-74.jpg
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Ken and Gisella-446.jpg
Ken and Gisella-472.jpg

From the first look to the final dance, this was a celebration we won't soon forget. 
Here's to the adventure of a lifetime,  Gisella and Ken!