Verse & Venture Photography

Glad you're stopping by! 
Here's the deal. We love what we do. Like, a lot. 
And we really, truly care about your story. 
Because of this, we want to give you the BEST we possibly can. 
There are so many amazing photographers out there-- 
but we want to be more than just nice cameras.
We want to get to know you, and get the real deal of who you two are.
We look for the close quiet moments and scrunch-faced laughs. 
If you're up for a hike to get to the best spot,
don't mind a little dust on your shoes,
and are into sunset chasing,
even better. 
The family line-up shots and the
"This is my aunt from out of town!" snaps
are important, and we'll get those too. 
But when it's all said and done,
we don't want your images to just be a reminder of what you're wearing,
we want them to bring you back to that exact feeling and moment.

Excited to hear from you!